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December 8, 2018

A push to make fracking waste water usable in agriculture — and even for drinking

Fracking requires a huge amount of water, a major concern in dry Western states that otherwise welcome the practice. But New Mexico thinks it can mitigate that problem by pushing oil companies to treat and recycle fracking waste water for use in agriculture — or even as drinking water.

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Monthly New Mexico Desal Meeting

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Thursday, 25 August 2022 at 1:30 PM

Josh Lee, PE, CPESC | Environmental Engineering Department Manager, Burns & McDonald

Presentation on concentrate management from the Cherokee Metropolitan District’s desalination system and in specific the acres and acres of evaporation ponds used at Cherokee.

Speaker Bio

Josh is an environmental and civil engineer with 17 years of experience in permitting, design, project management, and construction management for a broad range of civil and environmental engineering projects. His capabilities include waste impoundment design, storm water management facility design; erosion and sediment control design and inspections; hydrologic and hydraulic analyses; floodplain delineations; drainage studies; environmental remediation; and environmental permitting. Josh has led many water related projects in the western United States. Projects included preparation of facility designs, permit applications, development of compliance documents,  inspections, and construction coordination.

Full Resource Recovery Opportunities and Needs

The 2018 Conference was a great success. You can view – 

➥ PDF draft summary of the conference here.

➥presentations and biographies from presenters here.

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