New Water for New Mexico

20 October 2022 • Sandia Resort & Casino, Albuquerque
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

An Information Forum for the Public, Industry, and Government
hosted by the New Mexico Desalination Association

New Water for New Mexico

A Public Forum

New Mexico is out of water?  Almost all current sources of usable water are already allocated by the doctrine of prior appropriation, federal reservation, and court decisions. So, how can we in New Mexico grow our economy and continue to provide our citizens with the high social and environmental standards to which we aspire and hold dear? The answer to the state’s existing and future water issues is both simple and yet full of complexity: unconventional sources of water.

Unconventional water resources include brackish ground and surface waters, recycling of industrial and manufacturing wastewater, and the creation of closed loop systems so that people and our economy can flourish both now and in the future.

The New Water for New Mexico Forum will bring together water experts and interested parties to define and communicate the needs our state has for new water resources and to present ideas and solutions to effectively and economically access those resources.

What An open forum describing New Mexico water supply issues and presenting ideas and solutions.

When Thursday 20 October 2022 • from 9 am to 4 pm (registration opens at 8 am).

Where Sandia Resort & Casino • 30 Rainbow Road • Albuquerque.

Cost The cost per person is $55 • Lunch and refreshments included. There is limited availability, and no tickets will be sold at the event.

Hear from scientists, engineers, and policy-makers on these topics. Learn what YOU can do to help solve New Mexico Water Issues.

Become a Sponsor of New Water for New Mexico

Industry, organizations, and governments are invited to become a sponsor of the Forum. The attached PDF contains all the details and the sponsorship contract. Questions? Please call Deborah A. Deal @IxWater on +1 303-277-9520 ext. 310


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